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The world of video broadcasting is a dynamic and fast-changing market.  In recent years, camcorders and video equipment have become increasingly advanced and offered at highly competitive prices.Today, assembling an efficient and inexpensive production system that can work easily with SDI signals in high definition is not only simple, it's even cheaper than a similar standard definition system.That said, linking and remote controlling cameras from the control room can still be a problem.
Now, connecting camcorders not exclusively designed for this purpose with ease, efficiency and at a reasonable price is possible:
ON-AIR has the solution,  the missing piece!

The XLINX system performs complete signal transfer with a single cable. XLINX comprises a set of solutions based on functional requirements and total cost. The system includes an entire range of base equipment, as well as customized options according to customer need.

Top-level solutions include rugged interfaces from both sides of the connection, while cheaper configurations have  pigtails. The main difference is the maximum distance reachable with the different solutions, but the core concept of
XLINX is the ease of having only one cable for reliable signal transfer and power supply.

The different versions of the
XLINX system all offer comprehensive operating solutions. To back them up,  we have designed all options to deliver the best performance of the systems. The intercom interface, tally management and viewfinder link kit are add-ons that can be systematically integrated with the main solution.

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