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XLINX·C200 Camera interface


The XLINX-C200 camera interface is connected mechanically and electrically to the battery plate (G-Mount or V-Lock), while the camera control signals are sent with a integrated cable (Panasonic o Sony connectors).   You can connect this interface to a DatavideoITC-100 or a Clearcom "party line" series beltpack with the XLINX-C84 cable. ”.  

According to the camera model,
you can choose the G-Mount or V-Lock battery plate.

For compact camcorders without battery plate, the XLINX-C200 camera interface is located under the camera. On the bottom is the usual 26-pin connector, and in the back the video output, power supply (connector and voltage depend on camera model) and RCP cables (Panasonic or Sony protocol). At front are a pair of large red LEDs that perform the function of tally signal. On the sides are the viewfinder connector and the beltpack connector. The video signal usually comes from the secondary video output.
The bottom of the XLINX·C200 interface features the usual 1/4" and 1/8" threaded holes to allow the box to be attached to a regular tripod.

For the past few years, even compact cameras
like the Panasonic AG-HPX255 or the Sony PMW-200

can be controlled by the RCP command

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